Sunday 29 March 2015

Great Dixter Spring Plant Fair 2015

I don't need too many excuses to visit Great Dixter in East Sussex but the added advantage of the 2015 Spring Plant Fair was just too much to resist! The last time I visited was 3 years ago in the August when the garden was a full explosion of summer colour, so it was wonderful to visit in the relative restraint of early spring just before the burst of tulip abundance. The gardens felt like a soft whisper (contrasting with the summer cacophany) with subdued pastel primroses, crocus, fritillaria, daffodils, hyacinths and hints of daphne among the highlights. It's always a joy to go to plant fairs to talk to fellow growers and indulge in a little retail therapy and Great Dixter fair is a lovely understated rural affair with a cosy village fete feel. Here are a few pics to share of a windy day in East Sussex.

Straw man? - the tropicals wrapped up for winter.

The house porch always looks inspiring.

Tulips ready for the next porch display?

Magnolias like lobster claws ready to bloom.

Just to end an already perfect day I took myself off to Hastings. I have never visited there before but what a wonderful surprise, it's a town with that lovely quintessential mix of British ... now how can I describe it ... 'seaside arty grunge' with an amazing amount of gorgeous independent shops in the characterful Old Town area - I love being continually surprised by areas of England I have shamefully never visited. I will definitely be returning to Hastings!