Friday 6 September 2013


This gorgeous summer and a limited amount of slugs (relative to last year that is) have made for a very good dahlia year indeed, so far.  Some I have lost along the way, some I have had for so long I have forgotten their names and the remainder are new ones this year.

This is my dahlia bed in early July with over 40 dahlia plants.

And this is it now.

Even though it seems like alot of plants I still feel I could always do with more.  There are so many to choose from, with different colours, varieties and sizes.  They are superb to have in a summer cutting garden and the petals are edible too!  I thought I would share just a few pics from my dahlia garden this year.



Pinks and purples
I forgot to take my compost trug when deadheading & a few over the hill blooms have been decadently tossed aside onto the path in a Henry VIII over the shoulder style!


Ooh vin du dahlia?! This is a huge grapevine that has been in the walled garden for some years, put in by gardeners long gone.

My favourite stage of dahlias is the bud stage, from tight round ball to just before fully open.  They look like a perfect study in mathographics!
I love the detail of the dark veins

And the most popular dahlia this year particularly for weddings? The 'cafe au lait' decorative dahlia

Hopefully they will continue to flourish now until the first frosts when the challenge of storing over winter begins!