Thursday 22 May 2014

Chelsea Flower Show 2014

I love quintessential English events like the Chelsea Flower Show where large groups of people gather for a day to enjoy a similar interest and if the weather behaves, well, all the better.  Chelsea is a peak experience for all gardeners and personally I just love the whole ritual of it from getting up early, taking the train to London, deciding whether to walk from Victoria or Sloane Square, where to have breakfast, the initial excitement of arriving at the show, planning where to start first, chatting to other garden enthusiasts, overhearing little snippets of conversation, the Chelsea pensioners and a bit of celeb spotting. Here are a few pictures to share.

Star spotting
He just wouldn't leave me alone!

They can design my garden anytime!

This was meant to be the very serious Dan Pearson, I had a huge crush on him in the 90s but instead of Dan I got the enthusiastic Thomas Heatherwick.
A trifolium of Chelsea Pensioners?

Ooh 'ello!

On with the gardens

I waited to see what he would look like with these hanging down.
Ooh now, I could use one of these in the walled garden!


Into the pavilion!
Like a sweet shop

It's still a no

Then back outside

And homeward bound

... ahh, Chelsea.