Tuesday 23 April 2013

Snake's Head Fritillary

I adore this flower. It's chequerboard burgundy pattern gives it an 'otherworldly' look and the stems are so elegant and tall with the delicate grass like leaves staggered along the stem.  They are just at their peak in the garden at the moment and at 40cm high they look perfect in a tall thin vase.


A doubled headed one I picked this morning - like finding a four leaf clover!


Saturday 20 April 2013

A Springboard to Spring at Last

The past two weeks of weather in the Foragefor garden have been perfect, warm and wet. The flowers are loving it and so am I.  Everything is suddenly taking on spurts of growth and colour and it feels like spring is trying to catch up. However, if the flowers are growing it also means the weeds are too, so weed vigilance is called for to slow them down before they get too big to handle. 

Here are a few pics to share from the glorious past two weeks in the garden.

Parrot tulips are on their way, a month later than last year!

Purple sensation alliums are budding up.

Astrantia and one late 'stray peony' look healthy.

I have five different muscari in the garden, the purple and ice blue colours have been flowering well in this spring weather, just waiting for more blue, pink and green to mature.

The green and yellow flowers of the primula 'Francisca' are just about to open.

The daylily leaves are getting taller by the day.  Their edible orange flowers will be great for cakes.

Spring is starting to feel lovely.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Easter Edibles

Easter seems to somehow lend itself to an orgy of edible flowers to complement all the traditional Easter feasts and treats, showing spring off to its full early potential of new growth... we hope!

Trying violet sugar.  I often do flower sugars but I have never tried violet sugar so I thought I'd have a go and see if it works.  I'm going to store it in a dark cupboard for a few weeks before trying.  Put it in a funky jar and it makes a nice gift too.

Primrose lollies made with the following recipe:
• 210g caster sugar
• 85ml liquid glucose or golden syrup
• Edible flowers
• flower essence to flavour
• natural food colouring of your choice if required
1. Heat the sugar, glucose and 125ml water together in a saucepan over a low heat. Stir to dissolve the sugar.
2. Continue to boil the syrup, without stirring, until it reaches hard crack stage or 149°C to 154°C on a sugar thermometer.
3. Place flower/s into lolly moulds.
4. Once the syrup has reached the right stage, add a few drops of essence and colouring of your choice. Stir well and pour the syrup carefully over the flowers in the lolly moulds. Place a lolly stick in each and leave to set.

Chocolate flower Easter eggs using vintage egg moulds.

Primrose and white chocolate cheesecake.

Primrose, violet and viola ice bowl.

Now that was a delicious floral Easter!

Happy April! Apparently, it's going to be a cold one.