Monday, 8 October 2012

Lily and Ruby

Today, in the ForageFor seasonal cut flower garden, in no particular order:

At this time of year it’s all about taking full advantage of every single dry and relatively warm day to work in the garden, sowing, mucking, digging, transplanting, dividing and picking.  Today, it was supposed to rain in the east but that seemed to have changed to dry weather when I rechecked the forecast early this morning, so a full day’s work outside was possible today.

There is a certain element of stasis with the flowers that are still blossoming in the garden at the moment - no urgent need to deadhead and just enough around for good healthy bunches to sell.  The zinnias seem to want to go on forever and the roses that have suffered so much this year, are having a last-ditch attempt to put on a good show.

The wallflowers, which I sowed in June, are nearly all transplanted and all my spare bareroot plants are now sold I just have a bed of the stunning orange 'Fire King' to finish tomorrow.  Then I'm ready for that fabulous show of colour and scent in March/April next year.

A lovely couple I met in the summer, have generously given me lots of lily of the valley plants to plant up.  Lily of the valley are notoriously difficult to settle but once established they can behave like thugs. This is what has happened with the plants I have been given so I am the lucky recipient as a result of their thuggish behaviour. I've put them in their new home today and hope they will be on their best behaviour there.

Last job of the day, picking a bunch for a Ruby Wedding, Happy 40th Anniversary!

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