Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Daisy Chain Day

Today has been a gorgeous day in the garden. After a chilly night, last night, I was anxious to see my  ‘canaries in a coal mine' as regards frost.  The flowers I regard as my ‘frost indicators’ are, cosmos, nasturium and dahlias and thankfully all were well, except for the beautiful double cosmos, Rose Bonbon.  Her leaves were blackened from the cold night but all the single cosmos in the garden were fine and flourishing. 

The sun was warm today and the soil is at that lovely stage of being wet enough to pull deeper weeds with satisfaction and dry enough to still work. There’s nothing more ominous for a gardener on drier soil, than that ‘clunk‘ sound you get when you know you haven’t got the whole weed root out and that it will come back for future haunts!  The garden has been so peaceful (except for the occasional screech of jays) and there has been time to stop and stare.  One creature that has taken my attention as I tidy up the sweet william rows, is a small bird in the adjacent sunflower row, nibbling back and forth on the sunflower seeds.  I’m not brilliant with bird identification and at first I thought it might be a Nuthatch as I know one has been nesting nearby.  But on further research I realised it was a cute little Marsh Tit apparently difficult to distinguish from a Willow Tit but its distinctive bird song gave it away.

During my lunch break I have rekindled my love of making daisy chains only on a much larger scale!  They are great to make if you have a large quantity of flowers in the garden.  They are an easy way to engage in a little floral art without any need for wiring and taping.  The only possible requirements are, a lively imagination and a long thumbnail like a classic Spanish guitarist to make the slits in the larger stems. Then, hey presto, you have some lovely ways to decorate doorways, windows, trees or anywhere for parties or just to have a bit of fun around the house.

Go on, get those classic guitarist thumbnails at the ready and have a go!

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