Monday, 22 October 2012

Edible Flower Chocolate Bark

Mmmm, what a union ... flowers and chocolate in one single fabulous hit!

I grow a whole range of edible flowers in the ForageFor garden, some more suited to savoury dishes and others for sweet. I have picked a few seasonal blooms this week for this delicious and attractive confection of edible flower chocolate bark. 

Serve with afternoon tea or after dinner coffee, spear into scoops of ice cream or on your favourite cakes or even make it for a gift. 

The edible flowers used in the chocolate bark today, are: phlox (the perennial paniculata variety) pansy, viola, violet, anchusa, rose, primula and nasturium.  The phlox and violets are perfect for chocolate bark as they have such a divine scent that tantalises the senses.  As you take a bite, you can smell their sweet, sweet perfume, then you have the pleasure of the chocolate to follow.

Method:  Just melt the chocolate, prepare sugared edible flowers in advance, scatter on with dried fruits, nuts and more fresh edible flowers with whatever options your heart desires.
Result:  A feast for the eyes, nose and mouth!

Phlox White Chocolate Bark
Simple and delicious with just white chocolate and phlox flowers.  The perfume of this chocolate bark is lovely. In spring, elderflowers would work just as well.

Violet Milk Chocolate Bark
Includes violets (fresh and sugared), pansy and viola petals, anchusa (sugared), pistachios and dried blueberries.

Rose Dark Chocolate Bark
A carnival of colour with petals of rose, nasturium and primula, toasted flaked almonds, chopped dried apricots and dried cranberries.


  1. Fantastic! What did you do with all those treats, she asked.

  2. Ah, they went to a very good cause .. just for research you understand!