Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fruit and Flowers


                                    ...and the fruits that fruit!

I couldn't resist a blog today on fruit and flower arrangements.  

I have so many raspberries at the moment (and there's only so many jars of jam one can make) it makes sense to use them in displays then you can eat your arrangement as you look at it!

In order of appearance, we have (i) 'Giant Wine Bouquet' zinnias with raspberries, (ii) Alpine strawberries with 'Purity' cosmos and (iii) Echinacea, love-lies-bleeding and elderberries ... yum!

 (i) 'Giant Wine Bouquet' zinnias with raspberries


I love the red stem of the raspberry cane showing through the glass vase.

See how the raspberry at the front whispers, "Pull me, pull me, eat me, eat me"!

(ii) Alpine strawberries with 'Purity' cosmos

Cosmos 'Purity', mimics the alpine strawberry flower perfectly.

(iii) Echinacea, love-lies-bleeding and elderberries
The berries look scrumptious but would taste a little tart!

The collars of the echinacea are an unexpected detail in an already lovely flower.

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