Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Weird and Wonderful

I like to grow something new or something strange each growing season but also, strange things return to the garden after a secret self seeding behind my back.  Ahem, ahem, in the ‘weird and wonderful’ category tonight we have ... Phacelia a green manure crop from last year that is popping up in the garden this year. It looks like a funky purple caterpillar.

This is Muscari Plumosum a very strange little beast. It has feathery purple blooms and it has a wild, rebellious way about it. It seems to say, “I’m gonna grow whichever way I want to, alright?!” When it is cut it is difficult to arrange in any organised fashion, so, I just don’t bother and let it do it’s own thing in a nice low vase or bowl.

The final candidate for tonight’s ‘weird and wonderful’ presentation is ... the Hairy Allium. I love these strange alliums, they can grow over 60 cms in height so together as a bunch they look very elegant. The bunch pictured below are little surprise seedlings from last year’s flowers.

The parents are even stranger.

Sometimes they even seem to have a personality of their own.


  1. Ian thinks it looks like Zebedee.

    1. Hi Blarbs, yes Ian is not wrong, now I need to find Zebedee a playmate, I'll keep my eyes peeled for a blue cat, Dougall or of course an irresistible laid back Dylan!

  2. Those Alliums are brilliant...I like a bit of fun in a vase!