Friday 8 June 2012

My one weakness

Vintage flower postcards are my one weakness ... oh, and CDV (carte de visite) photos ... perhaps I should rephrase then, vintage flower postcards are ONE of my MANY weaknesses. I have been collecting vintage postcards and CDV photos for many years and I sell them on my stall.  CDV photos were used as a sort of calling card between friends and guests circa 1850s-1900s. I love doing arrangements with a collection of vintage cards and a small selection of flowers that are in bloom at the moment in the cutting garden.

Wild poppies, pink ranunculus and a deep red climbing rose.

Poppies and postcards (mmm a lovely piece of alliteration).

A little bit of blue with cornflowers. The Autumn sown cornflowers were staked within an inch of their life yesterday ready for the strong winds today. They are already 1.5 metres high so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will remain steadfast against all gusts.

The beautiful old fashioned and heavenly scented Sweet Williams are just coming into their own in the garden at the moment.

This lady seems to be sniffing the intoxicating scent ... and who can blame her!


  1. I love these fabulous postcards. Are they for sale?

  2. Oh yes indeedy, almost everything featured in my blog is for sale via my website (once it is completed) and from the markets I attend or I can be contacted directly.