Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I have been sulking each day following my ongoing vendetta against slugs, they are EVERYWHERE!  My first job of the morning, again, is having to hand pick all slugs from more or else all plants in the garden.  Here they are, the little blighters in deep munching mode in the centre of my achillea!

Following this particularly heavy duty hand pick of slugs I had to pick today’s flowers for bunches and arrangements to sell later today.  The flowers that I picked for today are shown below with bunches and close ups.

Awww foxgloves in a basket.

The bunches and arrangements when they have been finished.

“Slugs what slugs?”


  1. Lovely arrangements. Shame about the slugs. (They're only foraging for . . . ) ; )

  2. You're right Blarbs but I feel I must help them forage in pastures greener than mine!

  3. Again, stunning photographs, the foxgloves in the basket = gorgeous! Although I don't envy you dealing with the slugs! x