Sunday, 17 June 2012

Blue and green should never be seen

“.... except with a colour in between”. 

In this day and age of 'anything goes' in fashion, I still love this saying’s retro naivety with the advisory warning of a potential fashion faux pas. In the world of flowers though, blue and green will most definitely be seen ... everywhere in the garden.

A blue and green dream with flowers from the garden: Bells of Ireland, Ammi Visnaga, love-in-a-mist, delphiniums and corncockle.

I love the ceramics from Dartington Pottery and this design, Peacock, is one of my favourites. I have two of these bowls but I particularly love the proportions of this bowl. It even has, “a colour in between”, with the white of the white lace flower.

Beautiful blues of love-in-a-mist, delphinium, anchusa and cornflower also known by the sweet name of, ‘batchelors button’.

I like to cut cornflowers in different ways. Here they are shown with just the bloom heads cut and then with full, taller branches to show off the natural look of how they grow in the garden with the tight buds at the top.

Two simple glasses look sweet with a single hellebore and delphinium sitting alongside some flower cigarette cards (yes, another of my weaknesses!)

The following pictures are from an old gardening book and show off the blue and green dream again.

So "Blue and green should never seen" ?... I don’t think so!


  1. Oh my...the beautiful peacock vase.

  2. They are a lovely design Kitty. I started collecting them many years ago when I lived in Nottingham. The Nottingham Castle Museum shop had a collection of Dartington Pottery. I saved up some hard earned cash to buy my first one. What I love about Dartington is they have a variety of artists working there with quite individual styles. The 'Peacock' design is by Janice Tchelanko.

  3. The cornflowers are gorgeous....makes me homesick for England, all the way from 'down-under'!

  4. Hi Emma great to have a message from Oz ... ah but how do you like your cornflowers - blooms alone or with extra greenery and the buds? And don't worry I can always press and dry cornflowers for you and they have the added advantage of being edible and look great on cakes!

  5. Or as my mum always says... Blue and Green should never be seen...except on an Irish Beauty Queen! Hmmm Love blue and green together, nature is always the best guide.
    I like the cornflowers to look as natural as possible, so always cut them 'whole' stems, buds and all.