Friday, 25 May 2012

To market, to market...

I have two farmers' markets this week, one at Sudbury and one at Lavenham. I know my stalls will not be as full as usual as I am in an, ‘in-between' stage with my flowers, in between the spring bulbs and the glorious flourish of annuals that will kick in quite soon. I love doing farmers' markets, it is lots of work planning, picking and preparing the flowers but it is a joy to meet and share information with other like minded people, both stallholders and customers alike.

Sudbury Farmers' Market relaunch, was this morning and it is the first time I have attended this market. It is  held in the beautiful, majestic, St Peter’s Church, so a very awe inspiring venue for a market.

It was a beautiful sunny day to kick off the relaunch and a lovely flow of people through the comparatively cool church so no flower wilting today!

Lavenham Farmers' Market next this Sunday 27th May!

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  1. I wish we had arrived in time to see you, but thanks for the snaps. Looks lovely.