Sunday, 20 May 2012

Primula Francisca

Primula Francisca is a beautiful zingy green and yellow primula. I have a big block of these in the seasonal cutting garden. This picture was taken a few days ago. The plants have survived voracious attacks from slugs and snails who have been basking wantonly in the moist soil over the last few weeks. After many hours of hand picking the slugs, the plants now look very healthy.

They have a fantastic vase life when cut, approximately 10 - 14 days. The stems can be cut at a height of about 17cms so they are perfect for the bedside. I have also arranged them in old brown bottles and on a vintage 60s mannequin head that I have had for years.


  1. These primulas are so lovely, I may try growing them next year, but our garden may be too shaded for them. They look fab in the amber bottles.

  2. Gorgeous flowers. Love the crown of primulas!