Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Hanging of Mrs Bradshaw

It sounds like a murder mystery but this blog entry is not quite so sinister. The geum, Mrs Bradshaw, is so perfectly profilic this year that I have been interested to try different ‘flower arranging’ or should I say ‘flower hanging’ techniques.

In the garden - two generations of Mrs Bradshaw are weaving their way through the geum Prinses Juliana or is it Princess Juliana? I have seen it written both ways but as The National Collection of Geums spells it, ‘Prinses Juliana', I think I’ll stick with that.

A bucketful and still plenty left in the garden.

Threaded on transparent thread for dressing a window with a vase in the corner to complement.


Like a Flamenco dancer's skirt.

Floating away.

I have never dried Mrs Bradshaw before and I wonder if her centre is too succulent but I shall give it a whirl in the airing cupboard and see how it goes.