Monday, 21 May 2012

A little bit of Purple Sensation.

‘Purple Sensation’, one of the varieties of alliums I have in the garden, have all now got their lollipop heads showing. They look lovely scattered amongst the achillea at different heights and with different head sizes. They look positively dwarfed by the developing ‘Hairy Alliums’ next to them. You can see this in the second picture and to me the Hairy Alliums look like chives experiencing a teenage growth spurt. When they flower they are ‘otherwordly’ in appearance, not to everyone’s taste but I love their wayward nature where everyday is a bad hair day for them.  Purple Sensation can be difficult to arrange in a vase as their heads get easily entwined in each other and no sooner have you released a pair as another gets tangled up. They do however, make a brilliant bold statement when arranged together with their imposing height and clarity of outline.


  1. Brava! Love the lofty allium!

  2. Lovely purples! I do like alliums a lot too, not got round to getting them in our garden, but I will one day.