Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Beauty of An Autumn Garden

The garden had such a wonderful feel to it today, beautiful light, solitude and crisp cool air which I haven’t felt for so long in this garden.  The walls always provide an extra few degrees of heat throughout the summer months with little breeze as respite.  Everything seems to have slowed down beautifully. I’m even under the illusion I am catching up with everything!  So a little time to take stock, do some drying, deadheading, weeding and digging in muck!

I found the first flower on a Fama scabious I sowed from seed earlier this year.  The most exquisite deep purple colour.  The bee obviously loved it too, it seemed to fortuitously appear between me looking at the camera shot and clicking the shutter, trying to out-celeb my scabious hey Mr Bee?!

A few chrysanths to deadhead.

A few amaranthus to hang up, just for fun, I have so many in the garden.

A peep through to a newly rotavated bed this year ... ready and willing!

‘Purity’ cosmos look fresh and delicate in contrast with the age of the peeling paint of an old door rotted from it’s hinges.

A beautiful autumn day!