Thursday, 13 September 2012

Our National Heritage

Ooh, what a grand title for a post! But actually, that's the title of some recently 'foraged for' journals I've found, dating from the 1950s (one of my favourite vintage periods).  They are from a series, of which I have four.

Green is Our Heritage of Skill, Blue is National Parks, Orange is Scenery and Places and Pink is Sport and Pastime.

Our Heritage Skills: 

The Flint Knapper in Lavenham and the Flour Miller in Cranbrook.

The Ironworker in the Forest of Dean and the Lace Maker in Honiton (looking a little like a 1940s Arthur Askey with those specs, "Ooh mother, where's your washboard?!"!)

National Parks:

The lovely ladies of Staithes in the North York Moors, selling crabs (for the dinner plate, ooh behave!).

Scenery and Places:

Issac Newton's birth place and the location of the 'apple falling moment' at Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire.

Sport and Pastime:

Motorcycle Racing at Brands Hatch.

'Furry Dancing' in Cornwall, not entirely sure where the fur comes in?!

These are charming journals, with gorgeous black and white photos and tiny map details on most pages. Very much of their time and they appeal greatly to the colour coder within me!

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