Friday, 21 September 2012

Early Autumn Headdresses

This year I have been asked to do several headdresses for summer weddings and they never fail to look fantastic on brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. Strangely, I have had no requests from grooms as yet!  Come on you metromen, replace those top hats with a headdress laden with sumptuous flowers, you know it makes sense!

Now anyone involved in the flower industry can't help but be inspired by the work of Mucha.

I have loved his work for many years since the Athena poster days. Alphonse Mucha's use of flowers in his work just makes me want to engross myself in floral art for days on end.

So, suitably inspired, I have made a range of early autumn floral headdresses from flowers blossoming in the garden at the moment.

Zinnias - perfect for Glastonbury or Latitude!

Cosmos, Chrysanths and Frosted Explosion Grass

Asters, Bells of Ireland, Dahlias and Blue Lace Flower

Nasturiums - this one is even edible (a literal meaning for 'eat my hat'!)

Love in a Mist

Gypsophila Paniculata Rosea - Ascot maybe?

... with added 'Sweet Dream' cosmos.

I think, as well as being fantastic for weddings and perfect for festivals, the headdress should be part of day to day wear! A different flower and colour can be chosen to reflect daily moods. This would then help work colleagues and friends judge your mood just by your headgear and they would know how to respond to you on a daily basis without any need for mind reading, perfect!

Now choose a favourite!

Roll on spring headdresses or maybe even late autmn ones.



  1. I'd like to hire you to headdress me daily. They are all lovely.

    1. Hi Blarbs, I'll send you a daily mood board and see what I can do!