Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Calendula ‘Coffee Cream’

When I think of calendulas, I think of hot zingy yellows and oranges.

My interest was piqued when I caught a glimpse of a picture of Calendula ‘Coffee Cream’.  It sounds delicious, dark on the underside (the coffee) and lighter on the top (the cream). It reminds me of a friend who decadently puts cream in his coffee on a regular basis not just as a treat.  He also serves his fresh coffee in one of my favourite things, a gorgeous retro orange flask.  

Calendula ‘Coffee Cream’ has therefore featured as one of my ‘new things to grow’ for 2012 (this list gets longer each year).  They have been as easy to grow as Calendula Officinalis , directly sown into the ground this spring. But I have also found them to be as prone to powdery mildew as Calendula Officinalis.  Ironically, I have recently read in an organic flower growers book, that milk can be used to reduce mildew and with a name like ‘Coffee Cream’ surely it has to work!  I have given it a trial this week so the ‘dairy jury’ is still out as to its success. 

Here they are shown in the garden and at home.  Apologies from the gardener (me) for not having time to deadhead before the pics were taken.

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  1. Aw. Nice.
    Doesn't everyone use cream in their coffee? ;-)