Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Great Dixter Day Out

Great Dixter, near Rye in East Sussex, was the beautiful family home of Christopher Lloyd, the passionate gardener who loved experimenting with colours with an almost 'anything goes' approach. I had wanted to visit his garden in spring when the bulbs were in full bloom, but somehow I didn't get time, so I felt full summer splendid would be equally good. I really had little idea of what to expect and sometimes this is the best way to see a garden.  I arrived on a hot summer day.  The location of the garden, in the village of Northiam, is charming and peaceful.

The cat lead the way, but first he wanted to stop and read the sign!

Like me, Christopher Lloyd had a love of sausage dogs although I have never owned one. I just love their short legs and iconic shape.  I wonder if you can see the sausage dog made from pebbles in the patio? 

Great Dixter is yet another inspirational English garden to visit.  It challenged my ideas of how a garden should be and how colours and plants should be mixed.  Some of the individual gardens were so jam packed with plants it made my head spin and I couldn't help but smile as I tried to absorb the combinations.  The garden reinvigorated my interest in evening primrose with it's heady, 'eye closing moment', scent along with the untrendy 'straw flower' which I shall have on my list for the cutting garden next year.  I think I will need another visit at a different time of year to really appreciate this complex garden to it's full.

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