Friday, 15 March 2013

The Yellow of Spring

Despite the ‘interesting’ early spring weather we are having, the flowers still fight through and follow their own true path of growth. So even though the weather doesn’t feel ‘yellow’, yellow is still shining through in the garden, with narcissi and primroses holding their own. I picked many yellow blooms yesterday prior to the hard frost we had, did a few arrangements for customers and then with ‘leftovers’ (the favourite bit of every flower grower’s business) I had some fun and the sun actually shone for a while to improve the light for a bit of photography. Here are a few photos to share with you from yesterday.

I feel toasty warm just looking at these pictures of narcissi bathed in sunlight.

I love this picture in a 1953 bulb book and this quirky shaped old vintners bottle, found on a bric-a-brac 'foraging' trip, is perfect to show off these delicate narcissi.

Primroses provide the next bit of yellow in the cutting garden.

Iced shot glasses - just add beverage!

Let the yellow continue!


  1. I love your iced shot glasses. Must have a go at doing it myself.

    1. Hi Anne, glad you like them, flowers in ice work so beautifully, give them a go and share any pics, I'd love to see them.