Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blue Muscari Steal My Heart

Mmmmm, I love blue muscari. I like all the other colours too, but the blue, well, that just steals my heart!  I have muscari in the garden, at various stages, i.e. year one, two and three since their planting, so they are all at different heights and sizes. I have blue, purple, green and pink and I absolutely adore the texture of their compact early buds, their shape and their small flower head. But blue, well, I love it.  Here are some images to share from the harvest this week in the garden.

In amongst violets and pansies.

The compact waxy texture of the young bud is exquisite, the individual flowers look like they have another flower embossed on them before they open up into a bell shape.

Getting a frilly 'skirt'!

Looking into the tiny open 'bells'.

The flower heads are like little gems or beads and they lend themselves well to lots of potential floral art. Spoilt for choice, collages, headdresses, definitely floral jewellery, earrings would be a must with these little beauties.  But I've only tried a few examples of their potential here.

Pretty as a picture.

Candle 'collar'.

Teatlight 'collar' threaded together with transparent nylon.

Then place it in it's own tiny moat of water to extend it's vase life.

And finally, anyone familiar with my facebook page know I have an irresistible urge to use miniature people to complement the smaller garden flowers. Here they are guarding one of the first precious muscari.



  1. Think i'd like to your pictures of these little creatures on the Country File calendar!

  2. Hi Sarah Seville yes these 'creatures' are very shy and very rare - defo need an inclusion in the Country File Calendar alongside John Craven! x