Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ice Flower Bowls

The past few days have been a tad chilly to say the least.

Yesterday morning's apricot sunrise

Crunchy grass

Poor chilly Miss Wilmott, the frosted seedhead of a scabious

So to reflect the weather, today's blog post is another 'ice flower' theme, making easy and beautiful ice flower bowls.  The following bowls were made during the summer when blooms were lush and plentiful.  These bowls are beautiful the right way round but also turned upside down. They can be used as a container for ice cream or any cold dessert.  Or, if turned over making a dome, they could be used to conceal another surprise underneath, perhaps ice cream flower chocs or an edible flower artic roll (but those are for another blog!).

This was a very 'Barbie-esque' bowl with bright pink asters, zinnias, gyp and cosmos.  Great for strawberry ice cream or sorbet.

This one was made with flowers I had left over from a birthday bouquet.  Love-in-a-mist, grasses, zinnias, blue lace flower, ageratum and amaranthus, which, as the bowl melted a bit, bled through the ice with it's red colouring which you can just see starting to happen on the third photo.

This next bowl is one of my favourites, I made it in late September.  It looked exquisite with the sun and artificial light shining through. 

It includes daisies, larkspur, cosmos, gypsophila, nigella and scabious.

It reminded me of the interesting work of the artist Henny Burnett, only her work (below) is in wax and in 'shoe form'.

And in the true spirit of the 'process of decay' or more accurately the spirit of, 'forgetting about the ice bowl and it then experienced many a de-icing cycle', it had evolved into this fragile resemblance of its former self and the flowers were almost freeze dried.

This bowl was made a couple of days ago with the beautiful 'Fantasy Chrysanthemums'.  Perfect for vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet.

Like the ice shot glasses from a previous blog, 'Ice Ice Baby',  the bowls are very easy to make, just get two bowls of similar shapes but different sizes.

Place flowers around the edge, place the smaller bowl on top and then pour water in between the bowls.  You will need to use a weight to stop the inside bowl floating upwards, I use a can of beans as opposed to a can of worms.


Go on get those imaginative juices going and put a few seasonal flowers together for a beautiful ice bowl.


  1. Fantastic natural creations.

  2. These Ice bowls are just stunning! Perfect for an Easter event I am doing the tables and flowers for this year ..... now to source more glass cake stands! Charity shops .. here I come!
    Thanks for the lovely idea!