Friday, 9 November 2012

Plan 'B'

After the sad cancellation of a much longed for holiday here...

because of this...

an alternative 'Plan 'B' holiday' was put into action and it looked a little like this...

1.  The search for the perfect chocolate mousse recipe.  After many 'experiments' and testing, this Rachel Khoo recipe was my absolute favourite.  It was intensely rich and scrumptious with a heavenly velvety texture so rich in fact that one of these dishes alone could have fed four people, but hey I was on holiday! My only regret, I forgot to pick some deep purple pansies for the top.

2. A Day Trip to North Norfolk.

3. A Great Gatsby retrospective.  Re-reading the book and then watching the 1970s film for comparison, with replays of my favourite scene, the reunion in the cottage with the evil Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby with all those heavenly flowers he has ordered just for afternoon tea!!  Next year's version with Leonardo has a lot to live up to for me.

3.  A trip away to Wiltshire and Somerset.