Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lost in Translation (in technicolour in Kyoto)

Visiting Japan last week feels like I have now had two autumns in one year.  The autumn colour in Japan starts just that bit later than England.  Consequently, I had all the gorgeous autumn colour here in England and then as it started to fade, I arrived in Japan for the full on peak autumn colour there.  The Japanese maples and gingko were in full colour change mode, spectacular.

Autumn Colours

Around Osaka Castle

And then the beautiful temples and gardens in Kyoto


The chrysanthemums were also in full swing with large displays in temple grounds and edible blooms for sale in food halls. 

The potted chrysanths displayed in Nishi Hongan-ji temple in Kyoto had the most gigantic blousy blooms the size of a small head. Mad and beautiful at the same time. I knew great care had been taken to get them to this size and quality but I found myself contemplating them as cut flowers which brought a smile to my face.  How would I use them as a cut flower? In bouquets? Perhaps as a single flower as one would use a hydrangea bloom? I could use a large number of different white blooms individually floated in a variety of vintage glass comports and cake stands at different heights on a large table for a wedding? The white spider ‘Fantasy Chrysanthemums’ with some delicate gypsophila in a bunch? But really I just wanted to touch and handle them, good job I had no cutting implements with me for temptations sake.

'Hardy mums'

From big and blousy to tall and thin.

There were even some gorgeous cute ‘bonsai’ chrysanths on display I have never seen a chrysanth 'bonsai-ed' before!

This one had it's stems trained up the crevices of a rock!

Mmmm! Boxes of fresh chrysanth flowers for sale in the food markets.

Some other Kyoto Gardens full of inspiration

Not sure what this tiny purple berry is but I would love it in my garden.