Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Springboard to Spring at Last

The past two weeks of weather in the Foragefor garden have been perfect, warm and wet. The flowers are loving it and so am I.  Everything is suddenly taking on spurts of growth and colour and it feels like spring is trying to catch up. However, if the flowers are growing it also means the weeds are too, so weed vigilance is called for to slow them down before they get too big to handle. 

Here are a few pics to share from the glorious past two weeks in the garden.

Parrot tulips are on their way, a month later than last year!

Purple sensation alliums are budding up.

Astrantia and one late 'stray peony' look healthy.

I have five different muscari in the garden, the purple and ice blue colours have been flowering well in this spring weather, just waiting for more blue, pink and green to mature.

The green and yellow flowers of the primula 'Francisca' are just about to open.

The daylily leaves are getting taller by the day.  Their edible orange flowers will be great for cakes.

Spring is starting to feel lovely.


  1. Your garden looks as though it will burst into flower at any moment. Spring is starting to feel lovely - but it's been a long time coming. Hurray for warm sunny days.

    1. Hi Anne, Yes all of a sudden things have indeed started to burst we just need a little more rain, but not too much!