Monday, 11 February 2013

A Flurry of Snow and a Flourish of Snowdrops

The snow has returned today in Suffolk, but thankfully just a flurry with a little settling on the ground.

The sight of snowdrops in bloom in the cutting garden brings another hint of spring to come, so I couldn't resist picking a few today for the vase.  My absolute favourites are the double snowdrops and I just wish smell-o-blog existed, these snowdrops have the most subtle and sweet fragrance. Snowdrops are said to represent 'hope' and as they are the earliest of the lush spring bulbs to bloom, 'hope' is definitely the feeling I get when I see them.  As with many drooping flower heads, the double snowdrops lend themselves well to being floated and placed somewhere near eye level to see the double bloom structure up close.  Here are just a few photos taken today to cheer up a grey old day.

When looking up really close, you can see the green striations and they have a waxy quality resembling a lotus flower or even a brassica only in glorious miniature.

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