Monday, 30 July 2012

Less Mundane Jobs Today

Amongst the weeding, stripping out of old sweet williams, slug removal (a neverending task this year) wedding planning and many other jobs in the garden today I was able to do my favourite thing: deadheading aka 'flowers for me' as well as for confetti drying.

Sweet Peas.  Each year I swear that I will not let the sweet peas overwhelm me with their rapid growth, but you guessed it, every year they do. Tying up and deadheading sweet peas could, I have suddenly realised, be a full time job for me on their own, so I have to be chilled out and allow them to do their thing without being too controlling!  

A bucket and jug to fill the office with their heady scent.  Maybe their scent will inspire me to catch up on much needed paperwork tomorrow as the rain is predicted to return .... nah!!

Attention! A box of larkspur cut for confetti before they go over, colour coded and lined up ... what no blues and purples in here?!  Well actually they were done a couple of days ago in an equally regimented fashion.

Ready for rain, paperwork and garden planning tomorrow ... no excuses.

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